About Me

I am a final year mechanical engineering student at ECU with a wide variety of expirence. I am quick to learn new skills, polite, punctual and a very neat, organised person. I am reliable, patient and always hard working. I am comfortable completing tasks independently and have highly developed communication skills suitable for a team environment. I am also dedicated and committed to my goals and have a strong desire to learn and achieve.



Technical skills that I have acquired though my engineering experiences include;

  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) using SolidWorks and Inventor
  • Design Skills developed through my degree, work in the design department at DOF Subsea (internship) and with various motorsports teams.
  • Experience integrating new designs and systems with existing hardware.
  • Model validation with FEA using ANSYS and topology optimisation.
  • Designing for efficient manufacture.
  • Excel spreadsheet calculations
  • Mechanical and theoretical data analysis.


I possess strong communication skills developed through both engineering and personal experience;

  • Strong verbal and nonverbal developed in team environments and the workplace.
  • The ability to work within a professional environment effectively with clients and suppliers/contractors via email and teams calls to perform required tasks with international partners
  • Teamwork skills developed through my participation on multiple sporting teams, university project groups, workplace teams and extracurricular engineering based project teams.
  • Leadership skills in small and large groups as well as the ability to effectively act as a “follower” through my comprehensive experience as an Australian Air Force Cadet.

Problem solving:

I have developed effective problem solving skills during my experience with highly dynamic situations of ever increasing complexities;

  • Design revision and iteration
  • Ability to work within complex use cases and with limited resource availability.
  • Design integration with existing systems and system improvements.
  • Ability to problem solve and troubleshoot unique and challenging problems.
  • Conflict resolution within teams, between teams and with external parties.


DOF Subsea

November 2021 – February 2022 (Summer Internship)

I was accepted into the DOF Subsea Summer Engineering vacation program to work as a design and process engineer. For the first half of the program I worked in the design department on existing projects and related design tasks as well as general design tool refinement and further development. I was tasked with the conceptual design of a subsea buoy removal tool which required significant structural engineering to sustain extremely high loads (200t).

My remaining time at DOF was in the project engineering department where I was developing task plans for existing projects as well as unique operational plans for scientific studies. I was heavily involved in the early stages of a new project which has not been attempted before, requiring me to liaise with international clients and suppliers to facilitate the system design and integration with our vessel systems and develop the new safety measures.    

Proformance Motorsport

June 2019 – Present (Volunteer)

I am working with Scott in his workshop in an unpaid position where he teaches me how to operate the CNC machinery. When not using the machines, I assist him with ongoing R&D of either parts for the new race car or custom parts for customers that can be integrated alongside or replacement for OEM parts with superior performance. This is done using SolidWorks and SolidCam.

4WD Supacentre

March 2020  –  October 2021 

I am employed as the weekend warehouse storeman where I manage the stocking of the store by receiving new stock and stocking the shop floor as required while maintaining the warehouse itself. When required I assist the salespeople on the shop floor and with point of sale.  

Laser Corps Swan Valley

Dec 2018 – March 2020 I was employed as a Casual Course referee with weekend shifts. My duties include preparing resources for participants, explaining and demonstrating procedures and use of equipment, ensuring rules are followed and repairing minor problems with equipment. Collecting payments and cooking sausage sizzle lunches was also part of my role where I managed groups of varying sizes and ages ranging from children to adults.


  • Engineers Australia ID: 6215854
  • Dassault Systèmes Certification – Mechanical Design (Associate) #
  • High-Risk work Licence- Class LF-Forklift #WL 347414
  • Senior First Aid certificate
  • Working with Children Check # 2697694
  • Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate #OL865849
  • Driver’s licence manual