Advanced Mechanical Design: Ball mill Gearbox Design

In semester 2 of 2021, we were tasked with the design of a ball mill gearbox driven by a hydralic motor. The design task required our group to complete a detailed design of the gearbox as well as a detailed CAD design. One of my responsibilities was to perform an FEA on the final gearbox assembly.

As a result of the simulation being of a relatively large assembly, it suffers significantly from the limited equation numbers. Preventing higher quality meshing techniques being applied and better element sizing to accommodate the desired minimum 3 elements across all thicknesses. The equation limitation also meant that we were unable to apply mesh refinements to all the regions that would have benefited from a more refined mesh due to rapid changes in geometry or increased stress such as the bolt holes and small radius’, especially in regions of interest such as the ribs and the shaft stress relief geometry.  

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