12V Power and Solar Analysis

While working at 4WD Supacentre I took on the responsibility of much of the electrical testing for winches, fridges, batteries and solar systems. I was aslo able to use this techincal knowlege to more effecticley assist customers and troubleshoot their more complex issues.

As Solar and electrical can be complex and confusing I developed multiple digrams and datasheets for customer and staff use which lead to the creation of my “12V Power Black Book” app. This app was a mathmatical model that allowed for the simulation of hardware performance over 7 days with various hardware and envirnmental variables. The App also contains a built in solar tester to help staff to detirmine if a solar system is infact faulty and a range of wiring diagrams and data sheets.

As I was leaving for my DOF engineering vacation program I designed the app to assist the staff in my abscence.

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