Curtin Motorsport Team

During 2017 and 2018 I was part of the Curtin Motorsport Team as a project student. As a recruit in my first year I was tasked to assist the vehicle dynamics team with the manufacture of the suspension system. During this time I became familiar with vehicle setups and tuning for drivability. This also allowed me to start test driving on the team.
I traveled to Melbourne with the team to compete in FSAE-A, where we were extremely competitive against world-class teams from all over Australasia.

The following year I designed the swaybars for the 2018 car. This came with its own unique set of challenges as it relies on the ability of the assembly to deform in a very predictable manner to provide the desired roll stiffness with a reasonable degree of adjustability. 2018 also allowed me to further improve my understanding of vehicle dynamics and the principles around how to set up a car to be fast and highly drivable. I also attended FSAE-A again with CMT we were able to conduct a large amount of pre-comp testing and tuning and performed well at competition.

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